Stewart-Gough platform

kinematic model

Unity3d 6-DOF Stewart-Gough platform model with rotary actuators.

Inverse Kinematics model solver / visualiser. Stewart platform simulation.


Kenneth H. Hunt (1983) describes a manipulator with fixed link length for which the articulation points near the base move along circles. 6-RSS Hunt-Type Parallel Manipulator (parallel robot). RUS -> (R) Revolute joint - (U) Universal joint - (S) Spherical joint RSS -> Rotary, Spherical, Spherical

Type of joint: Prismatic, Revolute, Spherical, Universal

Hunt type platform

Minimal version with fixed geometry. 6-6 RSS

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Hunt type platform

Configurable geometry.

  • Rod Lenght
  • Arm Length

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Stewart-Gough platform

Linear actuators. Fixed geometry. 6-6 SPS

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A Gough-Stewart platform is a type of parallel robot with six Degree Of Freedom (6DOF). Stewart proposed the use of the platform for flight simulators. Unity Stewart Motion Platform 6-6

What does Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) mean ?

Six degrees of freedom refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space.

Translation – Moving along the different axes X, Y, Z

  • HEAVE - Moving up and down along the Y axis
  • SURGE - Moving forwards and backwards along the X axis
  • SWAY - Moving left and right along the Z axis

Rotation - Turning in order to face a different axis:

  • PITCH - Moving between X and Y
  • YAW - Moving between X and Z
  • ROLL - Moving between Z and Y

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